What are included

✓ RGB images from workspace and wrist cameras
✓ Proprioception
✓ Language task specifications
✓ PDDL scene descriptions

Download Datasets

LIBERO-Spatial: 10 tasks from LIBERO-Spatial suite.
LIBERO-Object: 10 tasks from LIBERO-Object suite.
LIBERO-Goal: 10 tasks from LIBERO-Goal suite.
LIBERO-100: 100 tasks from LIBERO-100 suite. Note that the datasets are split under the folder names of LIBERO-90 and LIBERO-10.
We also have a script for programmatic downloading the datasets.

Download Checkpoints

LIBERO-Spatial Best Model Checkpoints
LIBERO-Object Best Model Checkpoints
LIBERO-Goal Best Model Checkpoints
LIBERO-100 Best Model Checkpoints